MELTING LANDSCAPES (Field recordings, 2016-2018)

Glacier, hydrophones, analogue cameras.

"Rapid ice melt has been profoundly shaping the alpine region in recent years. It has become an omnipresent and tangible phenomenon, and an iconic symbol of ongoing climate change. Over the past three years, we have been documenting the melting landscapes of the Morteratsch Glacier region, using underwater and self made contact microphones, as well as large- and medium-format analog photography. The sounds of the moving ice mass contrast with the eerie silence of the black and white pictures. The selection of works in this publication turn the evanescent beauty of the glacier into a strong sensory experience; they thus become meaningful witnesses of the rapid changes to come in the alpine landscape." – Christophe Girot, Chair of Landscape Architecture, ETH Zurich

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"Amazing, […] a triumph. Melting Landscapes is a success on all levels: concept, execution, presentation and sound. […] The Institute of Landscape Architecture is here to remind us of this potential catastrophe, inviting us to appreciate the value of ecological balance, and to fight for its preservation. […] This release would have been important whenever it appeared, but it’s especially relevant now." (Richard Allen, A Closer Listen)

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"A release that crosses the boundaries of science, sound art and education on geomorphology and climate change." (Geosounds)

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Interview Greenpeace magazine german and french.

A collective project of researchers and students at the Chair of Landscape Architecture Christophe Girot, ETH Zurich.
Concept and teaching team: Ludwig Berger, Dennis Häusler, Johannes Rebsamen, Matthias Vollmer
Composition, mixing and recording assistance: Ludwig Berger
Sound Mastering Assistance: Stéphane Claude
Participating Students: Christina Akesson, Michael Beerli, Shalin Bhatt, Philipp Bosshart, Lloyd Broda, Altair Cerda Tirado, Weilun Chen, Jenyben Dave, Devashree Dvivedi, Camino Escosa García, Nadia Gaiarin, Masahiro Gokita, Andrea Gonzalez Palos, Camilla Gormsen, Benjamin Graber, Dennis Häusler, Yufei He, Anna Hermann, James Horkulak, Marie Jacobsen, Seonju Kim, Aleksander Kongshaug, Bess Laaring, Jungwoo Lee, Xijie Ma, Viktoriya Maleva, Stephan Mauser, Marc Over, Vasiliki Papadimitriou, Bhoomi Parmar, Shailaja Patel, Thalia Poziou, Timon Ritscher, Laura Schütz, Dhruvil Soni, Jean-Marc Stadelmann, Dharal Surelia, Tulsi Vadalia, Oliver Walter, Jan Westerheide, Sonja Widmer