Acoustic Architecture in Corsica (Sonic Travel, 2017)

Rock buildings and landscapes, singers, 16 listeners & improvisers

This sonic exploration delved into the natural and vernacular stone architecture of Corsica, highlighting its profound relationship with landscape sound. The initiative comprised a series of on-site acoustic experiments, soundwalks, and polyphonic singing workshops with locals, aimed at uncovering the perceptual and cultural dimensions of acoustics both indoors and outdoors. As participants traversed the island, they engaged in listening exercises to discern how different rock types, from granite to limestone, influence our auditory perception. These activities also included sound recording and experimental playback with speakers on-site, comparisons of church acoustics, and presentations of traditional Corsican landscape instruments. Through this circumnavigation, the exploration sought to understand how sound and resonance define social spaces within the diverse landscapes of Corsica, emphasizing the intricate relationship between human culture and geological formations.

Travel planning and course guide: Ludwig Berger

Co-Preparation: Lara Mehling

Participants: Yvo Corpataux, Masahiro Gokita, Marion Hangartner, Niti Malik, Vasiliki Papadimitriou, Anja Schelling, Mara Simone, Elisa Studer, Miriam Wuffli, Max GrĂ¼nig

Seminar Week, March 2017, Chair of Landscape Architecture Christophe Girot, ETH Zurich