BABBLING (Improvisation score, 2018)

Running water, plants, humans, stones.

Number of players: Any
Restrictions: No human speaking
Duration: Any
Order: Alternately

(1) A stone or another thing inside or close to the water emits a call to the human player.
(2) The human player places, replaces or removes the thing into, within or out of the running water.
(3) The water responds to the action by changing its sonic expression.

Players: alnus viridis, andrea caretto, bertula alba, fagus sylvatica, garnet micaschist, laura harrington, ludwig berger, micaschist, micaschist eclogite, monzonite, petasites sp., pteridium, aquilinum, sara cattin, s├Ęssera water, sod, syenite.

Realized at Oasi Zegna, Province of Biella, Piedmont, Italy on July 15, 2018.

Game & sound: Ludwig Berger, camera: Laura Harrington. Realized during UNIDEE / Fondazione Zegna module expanded body #2. Thanks to Raffaela Spagna, Andrea Caretto and the team of UNIDEE.