CUYO (Soundscape Composition, 2013/2019)

Deserts, mountains, steppes, streams, valleys, vegetation, vehicles, voices, wind, waste.

Steppes, deserts and arid mountains dominate the region of Cuyo in west Argentina. Within this barren land, a fragile water infrastructure creates fertile valleys, croplands and vineyards. The piece moves between these extremes of dry and wet. The wind, as well as the the hands of the recordist articulate the silent elements of the landscape. Except gentle equalization, all composed sounds are unprocessed.

Released at Sonospace, 2019.

Awarded with the 1st prize of the 14th Electroacoustic Composition Competition Música Viva (Miso Music Portugal). Recording Locations: Barreal, Parque Nacional El Leoncito, Uspallata, Valle Fértil. Composed in the Studio for Electro-Acoustic Music (SeaM) Weimar. Thanks to Robin Minard. Image Credit: U.S. Geological Survey. Department of the Interior/USGS.