Forest, field recorder with various microphones, 30 wireless headphones

With the aid of wireless headphones linked to sensitive microphones, geophones, and contact microphones, participants experience the forest's life in a variety of ways. Interchanging between di"erent instruments and modes of perception, they listen into the concealed acoustic world of the forest floor, plant and animal life, connecting these sounds with the ever-present anthropogenic influences on the forest. These participants are not passive observers; they are active contributors, engaging in collective improvisations that resonate with the forest's elements. Guided by listening exercises and questions, they are invited to reflect on the act of listening itself. They attune to the subtle nuances of their own bodies in relation to the forest, connect to the deep time of evolution and geological history, and contemplate the political decisions that sculpt the forest's sonic landscape, both in the present and in its future.

Realized in the forest of Hirschberg, Klang Moor Schopfe, Gais Switzerland 2023