Augmented temporality installation for a room, a microphone, a headphone and a listener.

How do we perceive a present moment as a future memory? What happens when the past, the present and the imaginative interfuse in the same space? The visitors perceive the room in absolute darkness only through microphones and headphones. A narration in future perfect combines the present sounds of the room with pre-recorded sounds on site and integrates other sounds into the same space through impulse responses. The sounding space becomes as dynamic as the inner time of our consciousness, where the acts of remembering, expecting, imagining and perceiving are overlapping and merging into each other.

The piece was developed in a Residency at Matralab (Concordia University Montréal) of open to the public on June 12, 2015. Participants were invited to experience the installation one at a time. Each cycle lasted 10 minutes.