The Capacity of Things to Act (Cassette, Dinzu Artefacts 2018)

Prepared harp, cardioid mic, carton, foam, hex key, paper, plastic, double tracker, equalizer.

Entangled sonorities in the smallest human scale, where the vital materiality of things disturb stable relationships between cause and effect. Edited live improvisations without further effects.

In collaboration with Veronika Ehrensperger. Photography by Matthias Urban. Dinzu Artefacts 2018

"They create massive sonic events that are played out at the micro-scale. […] We’re invited to enjoy these jagged bursts as self-contained organisms, and to revel in their chaotic dance." (We Need No Swords)
"This tension-laden piece is full of terrifying stillness and malevolent fury […] the sound is dense, and heavily weighted with colorful swirls of shadowy energy" (Houdini Maisons)
"These sounds seem to be field recordings of wild nature, but they all come from one harp." (Waltz, Tokyo)
"Great Stuff" (SLUGMag)
"#11 Album of 2018" (a4-copypaper)
"Best Reasons to write Fuckin’ Record Reviews in 2018"

Live at HEK Basel 2018, alongside Kali Malone