My work is situated between sound art, performance and electroacoustic composition, and correlates with the fields of architecture and ecology. Working primarily with audio, I am fascinated by the possibility to transport sounds from one moment to another, from one place to another, from one body to another. I use microphones and loudspeakers to extend our personal perception and enable connections and sensibilities towards other lives and phenomena. My audio pieces, walks and installations invite listeners to explore the complex life of ‘simple’ things, the infra-ordinary or the intangible, as well as spaces and time frames beyond our scale. Using audio streaming, time compression, vocal narration, or prerecorded sound on site, I aim for a playful, contemplative and entangled listening.
Likewise, I am interested in how architecture composes and alters our everyday sonic world. As a researcher and university teacher in landscapes architecture, I study the sonic dimension of Japanese gardens, Alpine landscapes and urban spaces through audiovisual mappings. My artistic work aims to reflect on, and to participate in this composition of the everyday. In my most recent projects, I work with sound transformation devices in buildings and public space, which treat urban noise not as an undesired waste, but as a resource for habitable music.

* Born 1986, grew up between Alsace/France and Pfalz/Germany.
* Master in Musicology, Art history and Literature
* Master in Electroacoustic Composition with Robin Minard at HfM Weimar
* Research associate at the Chair of Christophe Girot, Institute of Landscape Architecture (ETH Zurich)

Honorary Mention Ars Electronica 2017
Winner 14th Electroacoustic Composition Competition Música Viva 2013
GRAFE Kreativ Prize 2014
Winner Leipziger Hörspielsommer 2014
Honorary mention Sonotopia 2015 (Bonn Hören)
Short list Prix Pierre Schaeffer 2015
Short list Soundland Sound Art Commissions 2015
Prize winner Banc d'essai 2014 (GRM)
Sound Art Award Fliesstext10

3331 Arts Gallery Tokyo (Group Show, 2016)
Akousma Festival, GRM Paris (Performance, 2014)
Bayerische Staatsoper Munich (Installation, 2015)
British Library London (Performance, 2015)
DeutschlandRadio Kultur (Broadcast, 2015)
European Media Art Festival Osnabrueck (Installation, 2015)
Goethe Institute Lisbon (Performance, 2010)
Goethe Institute Marseille (Workshop, Lecture and Solo Concert, 2017)
Goldsmiths London (Installation in Group Show, 2015)
Helsinki Music Centre (Performance, 2014)
Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Arts (Performance, 2017)
Matrabox Montreal (Installation, 2015)
MDR Figaro (Radio Broadcast, 2015)
Münchner Kammerspiele (Theatre Music, 2014)
Musica Viva Festival (Solo Concert, 2014)
Nationaltheater Mannheim (Theatre Music, 2015)
Radiophrenia Glasgow (Radio Broadcast, 2017)
Relincha Festival Chile (Performance, 2015)
Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast (Performance, 2015)
Seoul International Computer Music Festival (Performance, 2015)
ZKM Karlsruhe (Performance, 2014)

Workshop Goethe Institute Marseille „Phonographies Socioacoustiques“, 2017
Elective course „If These Walls Could Talk. Remixing Schanzengraben“, ETH Zurich, 2017
Seminar week „Sounds from Granite Island. Acoustic Architecture in Corsica“, ETH Zurich, 2017
Elective course „Ice. Light. Void“ (Assistance), ETH Zurich, 2017
Lecture “Sonorité, Spatialité, Serendipité” at Cité de la Musique de Marseille, 2017
Lecture “Sonic Layers” at Urban Think Tank Seminar “Action! On the Real City”, ETH Zurich, 2017
Lecture “Retracing an audio walk” at Lund University Malmö and Sound Studies Lab Copenhagen, 2017
Elective course „Gotthard Soundwalking“, ETH Zurich, 2016
Workshop “Point Clouds and Sounds of Japanese Gardens II”, Kyoto Institute of Technology, 2016
Elective course „Breaking Ice“ (Assistance), 2016
Gallery Talk “Bits of Kyoto Garden” at 3331 Arts Gallery Chiyoda, Tokyo, 2016
Seminar week „Zurich Tracks“ (Assistance) , 2016
Elective course „Mapping Sounds in Kyoto Gardens“,ETH Zurich, 2015
Workshop “Point Clouds and Sounds of Japanese Gardens I”, Kyoto Institute of Technology, 2015
Lecture „Observer, jouer et recréer l'environnement" at RAME 2017 (Saillon, Switzerland), 2015
Lecture “Sonic Modernity” at Architecture Department, Bauhaus University Weimar, 2014

“Sampling Kyoto Gardens” (with Nadine Schütz and Matthias Vollmer) in Pamphlet 21, gta Publishers 2017
"Blue Hour Observatory" in Trans 30: Color with Lara Mehling (ETH Zurich biannual publication), 2017
“Les traces d’une année derrière la maison de mon père”, in Sonorité 10, Lucie éditions Nîme, 2015
“Observer, Jouer et recréer l’environnement”, in Sonorité 9, Lucie éditions Nîme, 2014

Der Fall M. (OFS / Kammerspiele München, directed by Florian Fischer), 2014
Die Unverheiratete (Nationaltheater Mannheim, directed by Florian Fischer), 2015
Homburg ohne Traum (IX. International Theatre Festival Moskau, directed by Florian Fischer), 2013
Nutze dein Trauma! (100° Festival Hebbel am Ufer, traumakollektiv), 2013
Alles ist Wunderland (Casinotheater Winterthur, directed by Daniel Wahl), 2012
Bulger (Dschungel Wien, directed by Katja Lehmann), 2012
Der Schatten des Körpers des Kutschers (Peter-Weiss-Woche Rostock, directed by Bea Tinzmann), 2012
An der großen Straße (Landestheater Bregenz, directed by Katja Lehmann), 2011
Die Baronin und die Sau (Stalburg Frankfurt, directed by Katja Lehmann), 2011
Kabale und Liebe (Landestheater Bregenz, directed by Katja Lehmann), 2012
Die andere Seite (TAG Wien, directed by Katja Lehmann), 2010
Timm Thaler (TDJW Leipzig, directed by Katja Lehmann), 2010
Werther! (TDJW Leipzig, directed by Katja Lehmann), 2010

Cassy - Meditations on the Dancefloor (Documentary, directed by Marietta Kesting), 2014 (Sound & Score)
Medusa´s raft (Video Installation, directed by Stracke/Seibt), 2013 (Sound)
Claudiu & The Fish (Short film, directed by Andrei Tanase), 2013 (Score)
Weil ich dich nicht mehr liebe (Video Installation, directed by Stracke/Seibt), 2013 (Sound)
Simultan (Video Installation, Simultanhalle Köln, directed by Stracke/Seibt), 2013 (Sound)
Mystery Cache (Feature film, directed by Philipp Dettmer), 2012 (Score)
The End (Video Installation, Haus der Kunst München, dir. by Stracke/Seibt), 2012 (Sound)
German Historikertag Berlin, 2010 (Sound)
Klare Wasser (Short film, directed by Michael Adam), 2007 (Score)
Blutsbande (Feature film, directed by Matthias Benner), 2006 (Score)
100 Grad (Short film, directed by Philipp Serba and Jörg Schweiger), 2005 (Score)