My work articulates the sound of the infraordinary, the intangible or what is out of scale: light intensities, wind, a glacier, a year. I am interested in the vibrant agencies of things, spaces and environments, and their self-inscription into a sonic medium.

I use microphones and loudspeakers to extend, focus or infiltrate our sense of space and temporality. Through sound, I aim to unsettle fixed identities and enable non-conceptual knowledges. My sonic practices include establishing collective perceptions, shaping future memories, or de-biasing experiences of non-places.

In the interface of architecture and sound art, I investigate the acoustic dimension of everyday spaces. Using tools such as long-term recording or audiovisual mapping, I explore buildings and landscapes as time-based compositons. On the other hand, I consider sound itself as ephemeral architecture, which can re-shape environments, form invisible places and create unstable grounds.


* Born 1986, grew up between Alsace/France and Pfalz/Germany.
* Master in Musicology, Art history and Literature
* Master in Electroacoustic Composition with Robin Minard at HfM Weimar
* Fields: sound art, radiophonia, audiovisual, performance, architecture, geography, ecology
* Research associate at the Chair of Christophe Girot, Institute of Landscape Architecture (ETH Zurich)


Honorary Mention Ars Electronica 2017
Winner 14th Electroacoustic Composition Competition Música Viva 2013
GRAFE Kreativ Prize 2014
Winner Leipziger Hörspielsommer 2014
Honorary mention Sonotopia 2015 (Bonn Hören)
Short list Prix Pierre Schaeffer 2015
Short list Soundland Sound Art Commissions 2015
Prize winner Banc d'essai 2014 (GRM)
Sound Art Award Fliesstext10


3331 Arts Gallery Tokyo / Akousma Festival, GRM Paris / Bayerische Staatsoper Munich / British Library London / DeutschlandRadio / Diskurs Festival Gießen / EMAF Osnabrueck / Fundation Destellos / Gallerie Seitz Berlin / Goethe Institute Lisbon / Goethe Institute Marseille / Goldsmiths London / Helsinki Music Centre / Fundation Destellos / ICMC / Matrabox Montreal / Münchner Kammerspiele / Relincha Festival Chile / Resonanzen Festival Leipzig / SARC Belfast / SICMF Seoul / ZKM Karlsruhe / WFAE (...)