VERTICAL MUSIC (Label curation, 2019-2023)

15 transparent cassette tapes

Field recording and experimental music label inspired by the concept formulated by Jonathan Kramer: „Vertical Music tries not to impose itself on or manipulate the listener. The context of vertical music allows a listener to make contact with his or her own subjective temporality. It is music of subjectivity and individuality.“ The label is a home for non-linear music and site-specific works with an open temporality.

Artists: Rubén D’Hers, Jen Reimer & Max Stein, Nicola Di Croce, Shuta Hiraki, Alyssa Moxley, Abby Lee Tee, Rasmus Östling, Signe Lidén, Espen Sommer Eide, Yoichi Kamimura, Francis Jobin, Pablo Sanz, Katharina Schmidt, Vittoria Assembri, Gaia Ginevra Giorgi, Distant Animals and J.L. Maire

Curation by Ludwig Berger
Design by Nicolas Turki Duchesnay
Photos by Johannes Berger

Cassettes and digital downloads available at Bandcamp