CRANACHSTRASSE 47 (Audiovisual Piece, 2014)

Rooms, lights, electromagnetic & cardioid microphones, impulse responses.

Cranachstra├če 47 was shot in the "Villa Duerckheim" (Weimar/Germany), built in 1912 after plans by Henry van de Velde. Over the years it was used as aristocratic estate, administrative building, soviet headquarter, Stasi administration (GDR secret service), and finally as apartment and office building.
The audiovisual piece invokes themes of space and temporality, kinesis and stasis, by exploring the nexus between architecture and light. The barely audible lamps of the building were recorded closely or with electromagnetic microphones, the recorded sounds were then reintroduced into their original rooms through impulse responses.

Awarded with the 1st Prize at Folkwang Video Competition 2017 (ICEM, Essen/Germany).

In collaboration with Michael Kugler. Screenings: Segnali Festival 2014 (Perugia, Italy), "Image & Resonance II" Cycle of Electroacoustic Visual Music 2014 (Fundation Destellos, Argentina), Lichtstrom Festival 2014 (Ingolstadt, Germany) European Media Art Festival 2015 (Osnabr├╝ck, Germany).