Cargo (C40 Cassette, Canti Magnetici 2019)

Ships, mining areas, water bodies, highways, non-places, non-time.

Steady motions between the Mediterranean Sea, Asian peripheries and Northern European expanses. Blurred traces of extraction, collection and distribution; entangled bodies; translocality; placelessness and non-time. In between the infrastructure: voices from an uncertain past; the possibility of a dead-end street; touching and releasing the ground.

Recommended way of listening: half asleep / in transit.

Field recordings, Roland Juno 6. 2015-2017. Released at Canti Magnetici 2019

"Poetic, detailed, and filled with intimate solitude, Cargo, the latest release from musique concrete magician, Ludwig Berger, bristles with satisfying hum and resonant air energy. Using the aural brushes of field recording, ambient drone work, and thoughtfully artistic editing, Berger paints portraits of everyday occurrences with vivid detail." Houdini Maison

"Cargo is a work recorded with reverence and respect for its subjects, and every nuance of these diverse vignettes makes its way into our ears." Noise not music

"Swoops of noise, rhythmic pulsations and a tonality that undermines the authenticity of the soundscape serve to forge a satisfying end to the album, though even this gesture remains wonderfully subtle. […] an acute capture of nothingness." Toneshift

"It makes us think about the migratory phenomena, about the exploitation of local work that promotes the development of a globalized elsewhere, about the concept of the border as permeable space."
The New Noise (italian)