Feature on ARTE (German/French), 2024

TV Report on "Melting Landscapes" at Deutsche Welle, ZDF 2021.

Sonic Lecture on the question "Who owns the land?", with recordings from a glaciers, a peat bog and a highway, UrbanDig Project Athens 2021

Interview (French) on bees and more, Archipel Festival 2021

"ETH Podcast Episode 41: Discover how landscapes sound" - Interview with Jennifer Khakshouri on a sonic approach to landscape architecture, recording glaciers, and the record trilogy "Bodies of Water"

Interview (german) on the sound of glaciers with Marilena Berends for Museums Sinclair-Haus

Audio essay featuring the biologist Juan José López and sound artist Ludwig Berger who sonify species that soon threatens to become completely extinct - if we don't listen. By Philipp Rhensius (Norient) at Klang Moor Schopfe 2023.