8760 min of static field recordings, compressed to 48 min.

Released at Impulsive Habitat, 4 Tracks, 48 min.

The material of this work is based on a static recording: I installed a microphone under the roof of my father's house in a small village in Alsace (France) for one year. Each day, I recorded one minute of sound on the hour at four different intervals: midnight, morning, noon and evening. I subsequently selected one recording per week for each of the intervals.
These (untreated) recordings were then sewn together in four different tracks, one for each time of day, spanning the course of a year. This results in a cyclical movement consisting of four different time-lapse sequences that trace the entirety of a year in one place.

> Awarded with the GRAFE Kreativ Prize 2014
> Honorary mention at "Bonn Hören Sonotopia 2015"
> 4-Channel Installations at Goldsmiths London, RAME (Saillon, CH) and Seitz Gallery (Berlin, DE)
> "A definitely must have for all fans of field recordings" (kulturterrorismus)
> "A well thought project. We can perceive seasons, animals, sound of time and human sounds. A sound sequence that points out the fixation of sound, what it allows, to play with time and times." (Déphasage Radio)
> "Could this be a model for a possible sound map: providing a representation of the place linked with a variety of locational sound recordings to create a sonic ‘overview’?" (Min Kim: "Image Sound Map", Invisible Places 2017)